Tuesday, July 20, 2010

45 Finds

Ran into my pal Mitch at the coffee shop and he asked me to come along for a lightweight dig session. I picked up a few records, 2 of which cost less than 75 cents combined. The single by Janet Jackson "Come Give Your Love To Me" caught my eye because it is a single her first album (self-titled 1981) A hot track from Janet's solo debut is "Young Love" which is definitely Sweater Funk appropriate (Written and produced by Rene Moore and Angela Winbush).

Doesn't the intro sound Fred Schneider-esque a la B-52's?!

10 cent find EW&F "Side by Side"...will try to play this at the Sweater Funk Anniversary party

1 comment:

  1. right on sista!

    lets do a heavyweight dig session next.