Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Live in Chicago

I arrived in San Francisco when I was 18 with 3 fake ID's. I would sneak into spots like Milk and Levende Lounge...watch the Triple Threat DJ's in awe-thinking to myself "I would never be able to do that". I still can't play like them because they are part super-human-robot-djs, but I have had the opportunity to play alongside some of my DJ heros which I still can't believe.

I enrolled at SFSU and graduated with 2 degrees 7 years later, but the most I learned was from people like Toph 1, who took me under his wing when I wanted to learn how to DJ. He then introduced me to people like B.Cause and Jacob Guillermo, who ended up being some of my closest friends/crew mates and inspiration. Thank you to my Hotline fam (Brigidope, Boogie Brown, Roza, Cutso, Facemelter, Bluz), Dalva crew (Essar, Bari, John John, Toph) Butter, Hakobo and SOM, Double Dutch for letting me hold down monthly parties.

Much love to Nyte Court (Joe Vargo and Chris Idiom) for the fun times in their studio and help teaching me Ableton (which I still don't get) and helping me pick up that drunk girl out of the crosswalk that one night after our black crack party...

Why did I discover San Jose so late while living in the bay?  I can't even do a roll call because I love all those fools, ok by crew-The Bangerz, Bevmo/4lokos, Hella Proper, Andrea and Bittersweet too

Can't really put into words what Sweater Funk means to me. Maybe I will be able to form something later...

San Francisco was the first place I touched a Technic 1200, the first place I played outside of my bedroom, the only place I have been in a basement that plays music which overwhelms me so much, I secretly well up with tears because I still can't believe 12 other people have a passion about Boogie/Modern Soul like I do.

My crush with Chicago began last December when I visited Shred 1, but now it has turned into full-blown infatuation. I'm looking forward to exploring the house/disco/juke/2-step scene and hanging out with my Chicago homies who are welcoming me with open arms.

Eternally grateful and forever yours San Francisco
BBoy Jam in Oakland w/Cellski & Chung
Jon Blunk giving me Amuzement Park, Hot Wax at Poleng
3 yr. S-F Anniversary w/Steve Arrington

Last SF meal at Izzy's Steakhouse
Chung has 14 jobs
Val Pal
Sweater Funk Por Vida (Just missing Shred & Sean Boogs)
Paradise, Alia, & Dominique 
The Domestic Partnership of 33rd Ave
Alexander O'Neil & Aubrey
A request written on a muni transfer w/5$ on it
Bay Area Sister Sound Anniversary Party
Onra & Buddy on USF Radio
Rumpshaker at Double Dutch
Dalva Dayz
Some night outside of Triple Crown (R.I.P.)
Mentors Bcause & The Selecter DJ Kirk
Renmin at Rooky's
Cattin' off with Mousey R.I.P.
My Birthday-he was the best present
Toph's Bday w/Gina P at 222 Hyde
Nyte Court in their natural habitat

Montreal x SF at Side2Side
Homero Espinosa (Yerba Buena Records) and the finest Peruvian/Brazilian Lau

AIDS benefit at Space Gallery on Valentines day w/Annieoid
Thee Kool Karlo-them sketchers tho!?
Yes I am
Doin' It In The Park 2010 w/Toph, Judy Lee and Winnie
After the Maxwell show for Freddy's birthday
Bevmo crew (Minus Dstrukt)
Boogie Blind & our invisible burritos at Papalote

The Basement by Stacy Lucier
Travis at Rumpshaker (HOT SHIT!)
When the sun showed up, at The Ramp, dogpatch SF for brunch w/Nolan & Jeanette
Soundcheck w/Steve Arrington
SF Weekly
Freddy's Birthday & my camera captured the perfect moment
Wed mornings w/Cutso & Cafe Bustelo
Good Foot w/Milan SOM
Stone Soul at Concrod Pavillion w/Kirk, Sabrina, Joe and E da Boss
Devon Quien in my old Studio off Sanchez
The ever faithful Sweaterfunker Jon Jon holding 1 of the last copies of the Pendletons 45
La Chingona from Queretaro, Mexico
Chungers Watermelon Eating Contest BBQ
Hotline w/Brigidope & Geraldine
One of the last nights at Poleng w/Merk, Boogie Brown, Roland, Aries, Mr. E, Neo Geo and Shredders in front

Stevie making us say "AYE YI YI" 3 Yr Anniversary notice the button?
Adobo Burritos at Papalote
Red Bull 3-Style w/Sef Diggy and Beset
Dan Diggity <3

Me & Shredders when we got our S-F jackets


  1. So cute!! I love how you made your own grown up woman yearbook with all those photos...I swear I need an archiver in my life like you. See you soon and much love to you in your new home!!

  2. Go do big thangs girl!!! show Chicago what they been missing

  3. Super sweet. Bummed I didn´t see you pretty face as much but i´ll stalk this blog from now on to stay posted.

    Bless up young blood,