Thursday, September 8, 2011

Text Files

Just felt like throwing up some pictures people have texted me lately...if you have my number I'd love to see what you got for me

Michi in Vegas

Trav and his pops in Aruba
My twin brother ran into Beatnick in Vancouver-hella random


My moms chihuahua, Princesa
Erica&Cellski-and my head cut off if you don't know already I'm tall

Coffee w/Cutso and we stumble across this...
Val pal w/her CoCo en Mexico

Mista Bs after-school program with a mixer I gave him
Burning Man Harold
R-Cade and his waffles-captured by Shea
Will & I at my going away lunch at Limon, SF
DJ Essar (AKA Daddy Alex) and his lil' man in the UK

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