Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daz-I-Cue and Red Bull Radio give love to Sweaterfunk


Daz played Sweaterfunk in 2010 (see video above) I was unable to make it to to LiPo, so the closest I have to that experience this is his recorded set. You can hear screams in the background, and at the very end of the night he says "the world will know about sweatafunk" in his thick british accent. It gives me chills every time....thank you Daz-I-Cue for spreading our crews music.
The link above leads to a mix which features "Why Can't We" by Nightwind (Soundboutique Records aka Sean Boogie) and "Supadrunk" by our charismatic MC K-MAXX (Also on Soundboutique)

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