Friday, May 24, 2013

Its been real, Chicago....

I spent almost 2 years in Chicago and now I have returned to Southern California. Thank you Windy City Syndicate for the warm welcome and great friendships **WARNING** Mega photo dedication ahead...
Alejandro aka Dj Hippo

Brunch Date

Dstrukt at Bottom Lounge


My Hershie Kiss

Punk Rock kareoke w/ Mike McPadden

The Mike's

Skate Date Sean Passean

Simones-Home of my monthly bear cage sessions

Cutz on Cuts with (L to R) Shazam Bangles, Mega Mike, Shred One, RTST, moi, Eric Boss

Ian the sweetheart at 3 Aces

Beanie Babies

Hyde Park Records with Jaytoo

Fly Girl Nation

Dannys for Rude Ones Birthday

Rooftop Party-Chicago Summer

Shot at the Whistler for Shred Ones MAXX TRAXX Party

Milwaukee for Myron and E with a Noble brother

Dan Spinnerty visits Empty Bottle

Sughey and I at Musty Kulti #RIP

Zernell Loft Party

Lake Michigan with CK

LeftoO at The Whistler


Empty Bottle for KMAXX Record Release

Underground Wonder Bar

Cutz on Cuts

Musty Kulti

Summertime fun in Chicago

Trump Tower with Shred One

Simones Secret Admirer


Roller Rink Birthday Party

Toki at The Mid

Goorin Bros. In-store with the sisters of Sweaterfunk

Blah Blah Blahs in the Southside, Chicago

Tim Zawada, Tugboats Dad

Esteban La Groue

Happy Birthday Rude 1
Bye Bye 2634 Thomas St.

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  1. so sorry that I only got a chance to rock it with you ONCE while you were in the Chi!... hopefully you'll come back and guest DJ here and there, but until then I'm gonna stalk your Soundcloud like MAD!!