Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Get Crackin'

The more I learn about 80's RnB/Funk/Boogie, the more I realize how incestuous it is. Maybe that's why you can almost guarantee that a song written/produced by a well-known player of the era, from a particular year on a certain label will be something worth buying on vinyl. That's how I approached record digging when I first got started, which was taught to me by Uncle Renmin.

This song is from the band Shock...I couldn't find much information about the band except for the fact that it was produced by Marlon McClain, who is the guitarist of Dazz Band and former member of Pleasure. The self-titled album was released on Fantasy Records in 1981. The first time I heard this was at a lowrider show in Pomona, these 2 chicano MC's were pushing their mixtapes and bumpin' this song at their booth. Enjoy

Let's Get Crackin'-Shock (1981)

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  1. Shock is tight, they were out of Portland originally. There's an ultra rare self-titled indie lp from 1980 too. Sold mine in a bind, but I remember it being pretty cool!