Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Soul-The Moments

The original Moments are from Washington DC and comprised of Mark Greene, Ritchie Horsey, and John Morgan. After 1968 Al Goodman and William Brown replaced Horsey and Morgan, first signed to Hog Records then signed to Stang Records (Sylvia Robinson's label and subsidiary of All Platinum Records) After Sylvia and the group had a falling out, the group had to change their name to Ray, Goodman, and Brown. 
Would Sylvia Robinson be considered the female version of Lou Pearlman? (Referring to her association with Sugar Hill Gang) From what I have read, she is known for being somewhat sketchy, and in the case concerning The Moments, apparently falsifying some documents and not paying the original members for what they were owed. Nevertheless, The Moments produced some hits, and this is one of their most commercially successful hits, and one of my favorites. Released as a single.

Love On A 2-Way Street-1970

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