Friday, February 19, 2010

MAZU: Pan Asian eats in the Inner Richmond

So back in the day when I first started Djing, This place Rohan would let me rock a dinner set. I would work 9-1, play all vinyl and I even had to bring in my own mixer because the house mixer had a broken headphone jack. And they paid me peanuts! But it is just a part of earning my stripes. That was just one of my experiences as a newbie DJ that has made me grateful for those who came before me.

Rohan closed down and re-opened as Mazu. I will be spinning a dinner set there tonite from 8-11pm. Its a nice place for a drink before a movie (across the street) or a way to end a chill Friday night. Below is a picture of their "Black Samurai" which was featured in SF Weekly as thier drink of the week (A few drops of salty soy sauce bottom a shooter of sweet Sho Chiku Bai Junmai sake)

Mazu is run by a sister team-KK manages the spot and her sister Silma is the chef...I choose to support local businesses-especially family owned. They serve asian dishes, small plates, noodles/soups and main courses like Crispy Duck, Korean BBQ Ribs, Kombacha Squash Clay Pot (!!!) See more about the restaurant here.

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